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Singles are feeling especially isolated during social distancing. What if you could make this lockdown the best thing that ever happened to your dating life?

Before you distance yourself from dating, take these tips from Kelly on how to spark connection from afar.

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For anyone looking to create a meaningful, long-term relationship with a lifelong partner, dead-end relationships can leave you drained, saddened, and basically dead in the water.

Kelly addresses the 3 biggest reasons she sees people ending up in dead-end relationships.

Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about Dating Myths for Older Couples
Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about Dating Myths for Older Couples


Online dating is an option many single people choose these days, but for some it does not bring success. Kelly gives advice as well as 3 "nevers" for online dating.


If you are over 40 and looking for love, there are common myths you need to stop believing right now.

Uncover those myths with Kelly. 

Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about Dating Myths for Older Couples

We have all experienced times when we feel sad or down. Similarly we have all had times when we felt happy, peaceful, contented, even joyful or excited. With the four rituals Kelly shares, you will be able to trigger your happiness whenever you want or need it, because happiness is something that is triggered by what you think, do, and feel.


Most people feel like relationships just happen to them, and that people with great kids, marriages, and careers just got lucky somehow.

It isn't luck, it's skill and learned behavior. Just like every skill, you need to practice to get it right.

Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about Anchoring Your Relationships


Having a disagreement is not bad, it can often be a good thing. However, how it is handled determines if the disagreement will lead to stronger relationships, growth, and happiness...or if it will lead to lost productivity and connection.

Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about How to Diffuse Any Argument


Do you want a better relationship, either in the one you have or in the one you are seeking? Most people "stumble" into and through their relationships, but the key to a great relationship is mental focus, and a vision board is a great way to focus.

Kelly Marie on KATU ABC 2 about Relationship Vision Boards


Living Above the Drama

Just because you didn't get what you wanted in your 20's or 30's doesn't mean you can't have it now!


The romance you can achieve now can be the most passionate of your life. Listen to Kelly's interview on "Fulfilling Relationships in Your Later Years" with Dr. Georgianna Donadio, host of iHeartRadio's, Living Above the Drama.

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I love working with Kelly! I can apply what I learn in my life coaching sessions to every aspect of my life. I am so much less stressed and on track for achieving my goals.


Kelly helped my husband and I improve our marriage. I had such a great experience I reccomended two of my friends to her!


Kelly Marie Hoffman  has the uncanny ability to get people laughing when there has been nothing but stuck emotion and resentment and the laughter usually is coming from people seeing themselves in a totally new light.

She has the amazing ability to turn situations upside down and on their heads in the minds of the people she works with, allowing them to see things from a fresh perspective and through those new perspectives gain insights into themselves that cause real tangible changes. Changes in behavior, and  changes in beliefs. And heal relationships. She also has a gift for perceiving underlying feelings and situations that can be buried very deep and sometimes causing the problems and she helps people to uncover those feelings and express them in healthy ways so that you can heal and move past them.

Every client who comes to see Kelly is going to come away with fresh perspectives on themselves, with new insights, new tools, and new perspectives on their lives. They will be more hopeful about the future, more empowered to make changes, and to not feel  trapped by circumstance or fate or situations.


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