If you’re here, reading this, you are looking for something. A better relationship, more confidence, better health, success in your career.

The Intensive

Embrace Life’s Challenges

An intensive emotional work session Intended as a problem solving intervention for a specific relationship or personal problem. Intensives last anywhere from 2-4 hours, and I encourage and welcome family members and significant others to be a part of the process. For an intensive, you as the client identify a specific problem you want to resolve, and we resolve it. Nice and simple, eh? Past successes include healing from trauma from abuse, changing negative relationships patterns, eliminating self-defeating behaviors, and resolving emotional instability issues.


I go into an intensive with the sole intention of only leaving the room with you when 1. your pain is resolved, 2. you see new options for your relationships and your life, and 3. you feel empowered to act in a new way. I guarantee results or your money will be refunded to you.  


I will only do one of these sessions every 4-6 weeks for any one individual. These sessions are powerful and need time to be absorbed and assimilated.   

Life Coaching

Get The Most Out Of Life

We work as a team, and I am literally your "coach". Just as a good sports coach knows the game inside and out and what drills to run to get you in the best shape, so do I know relationships; how they work, how you might be out of shape, and what specifically you need to do to achieve your goals.

Life coaching is the same hourly rate as therapy, but sessions are shorter as we are not addressing deep emotional issues but merely guiding an emotionally healthy you towards your goals and personal fullfillment.

Relationship Coaching

Expectations & Success

We work together to define your "Non-Negotiable" relationship needs, I coach you through the game of dating until you meet your match. This is fun stuff. Clients I have coached comment that defining their non-negotiables tranfers beyond dating and brings clarity and success in other areas.


Motivational Speaking

Talking From the Heart

I have over twenty years experience as a professional storyteller. My motivational speaking engagements are highly sought after as I have an engaging ability to use story to motivate change. Motivational topics include:

  • Habits of Success

  • Establishing Habits

  • How to See Yourself Succeed

  • How to Achieve What You See


Group Coaching

The Power of Numbers

Executive Brainstorming, Company Team Building and Problem Solving, Facilitator of "The Work" by Byron Katie.

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