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Your Life, Your Coach


If you’re here, reading this, you are looking for something. A better relationship, more confidence, better health, success in your career.

Kelly's approach combines Life Coaching, Energy work, her rich background in Therapy and her dynamic ability to facilitate groups to assist her clients in reaching new heights of achievement and success in their personal and professional lives in a very short period of time. 

Kelly has a uniquely effective treatment session that integrates emotional processing and goal setting to achieve your goals. 


This is a power therapy/life coaching/laughter-based technique that puts you in charge of your life. 

  • Never be a victim again

  • Get the outcomes you want.

  • Have the relationships you want

  • Experience the life you want 

Effective Coaching Services
View of Meditation Garden

The Intensive

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Sat on the Rocks

Life Coaching

Get The Most Out Of Life


Relationship Coaching

Expectations & Success

View of Meditation Garden

Motivational Speaking

Talking From the Heart

Sat on the Rocks

Group Coaching

The Power of Numbers

About Kelly

Transformation Expert & Mentor

I specialize in helping people achieve their goals, work through difficult emotions and life circumstances. Working with me you will learn personal skills for better relationships.  Whatever you feel is holding you back, you can overcome. 


If you are willing to work, you can have a fantastic life. It may take time and effort, or it may come effortlessly. You may have to learn an entirely new skill set, or just do what you already know you should be doing. The point is, happiness in life is up to you. Invest the time and effort in yourself, whether its with me, someone else or a self-help book, do it. Why do I care? Because every person who is walking through life happy and content makes for a better world for me. My goal is to achieve and spread contentment, and I'd love to work with you. 


Email me to set up a free 15 minute consultation. Be sure to spend some time on this website getting familiar with what I offer, how I work, and what I believe in. 


That's my first homework assignment to you as my client. 

Take charge of your life. Research your options, and feel really good about the decision you make.  When realize you are in charge of your life, your life will start to change.

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