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"HEROES, the program worksso work the program."


Program Graduate in a Happily Thriving Relationship


Week Two of Own Your Love Life Program:

Hi again. I'm [removed for privacy], divorced and sometimes lonely. Had an on again off again relationship with another man not right for me. I'm a caregiver and draw men who are needy and need a mother. I'm trying to change how I think and respond to the stimuli that makes me available for these relationships. My goal is to feel good as my authentic self and attract someone who wants me and accepts me with all my numerous flaws. They will recognize that there's more good than bad.

Looking forward to your input and help.


Six Weeks Later:


I never dreamed I'd find someone that met the test of my three non-negotiables so quickly. With Kelly's help now and going forward I intend to continue to judge the relationship using the standards I expect. And I am going to enjoy it to the max!!! So Sheros, the program works so work the program.


I’m 25 and I love relationships, but not dating.

I have never struggled to confidently talk to men, so I continually found myself meeting someone, dating, starting a relationship, then staying months too long in relationships that were not a good fit for me. Kelly helped me discover what was most important to me to find in my phenomenal-fit partner and even more importantly, how to identify whether someone did not have the potential to be my phenomenal-fit so I could quickly move on to someone who did.

By learning with Kelly what my needs and expectations are of my partner I’ve been able to better communicate them to the men I date. Because I was perfectly clear from the beginning what my needs and expectations were for a relationship, within months I was blessed to find the love of my life. He loves the mindshifts, beautiful vision and non-negotiables I’ve set and it’s helped him better communicate his needs and goals to me, as well.


I was not having a hard time dating, I was having a hard time dating the right men. My sweetheart and I will always be so grateful for Kelly helping us have the best relationship we’ve ever had, and the relationship we can now keep building for the rest of our lives together.

Hero Dating | Master Class

5 Steps to Find and Date Authentic, Responsible, Commitment-Worthy Men

(even if you haven't dated in years or have never dated a man who treated you right!)

In this webinar we promise you will learn to:

  • See where “the good ones” were hiding

  • Find and attract high-quality, fantastic people who are a phenomenal fit for you

  • Keep from spending time in go-nowhere relationships

Next Webinar Starting:

hero dating master class

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Speaking from the Heart

Group Speaking

I have over twenty years of experience as a professional storyteller. My engaging ability to use story to motivate change is highly sought-after for motivational speaking.


Call (971) 317-8614 to book me for engaging:

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Dating Seminars

Schedule a Breakthrough Call

with Kelly Marie

Once you've watched our Hero Dating Master Class you're ready to schedule a free 30-minute breakthrough call with me.

During our call we will dive into your love life: your goals and dreams; your struggles and fears; your needs and expectations; until we have 100% clarity on where you stand, where you want to go, and how we are going to get you there.

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